CBD coordination office recognised in national infrastructure awards
15 April, 2016

CBD coordination office recognised in national infrastructure awards

Transport for NSW's CBD Coordination Office has won the Government Partnerships Excellence award at last night's National Infrastructure Awards, recognising the office’s collaboration with Sydney CBD employers and other private partners.

The CBD Coordination Office was established in May 2015 to coordinate all traffic and transport in the CBD to keep the city moving during the construction of light rail.

Accepting the Infrastructure Partnerships Australia-sponsored award for Transport for NSW, Acting CBD Coordinator General Steve Issa said making a significant lasting change to the Sydney CBD was never something the NSW Government could achieve on its own.

"The change we have seen since last October, when George Street began to close for light rail construction and CBD bus changes underwent a generational overhaul, is a sign of the government and the city’s businesses and employees working together and listening to each other about what’s required to keep the city moving,” Mr Issa said.

"Our Travel Choices program, which provides tailored, specific advice to CBD employers on how they can help their workforce and service and delivery partners adapt to a changing CBD has reached about 150,000 workers from more than 450 organisations.

“Commercial freight and servicing is the lifeblood of the CBD. One of our main priorities is ensuring the thousands of couriers and service deliverers that work within the city each day can do their job efficiently and effectively.

“The efforts of the past year are the start of a tremendous change for those who live in, work in or visit the Sydney CBD. By 2019, the Sydney CBD will have a brand new light rail line capable of moving 13,500 people an hour in the peak.

"These are game-changing projects, but their upside is maximised by all parties in the CBD working as one to keep it functioning as those extremely impactful projects are constructed. 

"We now have four blocks of George Street closed for light rail construction and work is underway in another three zones in Randwick and Moore Park. Despite that, the city keeps moving because people have invested themselves in doing what they need to do to help us deliver this enormous project.

"It's also gratifying that major events can continue to thrive at this time. We have just seen a wonderful Mardi Gras and are preparing for the centenary commemoration of Anzac Day in Sydney and the biggest Vivid Festival Sydney has ever seen."

Mr Issa also called out utility providers for their great work helping ensure light rail construction didn't impact the underground arteries powering the city, as well as Transport for NSW’s light rail partner, ALTRAC Light Rail.

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