Innovation meets transport with the Travel Choices Challenge
05 June, 2017

Innovation meets transport with the Travel Choices Challenge

Transport for NSW is inviting the technology and business industry to create digital products and services that will improve the way Sydneysiders plan their travel and encourage them to re-think their travel choices.

Applications opened today for the Travel Choices Innovation Challenge, which aims to get new and innovative thinking around how we can encourage people to shift to more sustainable ways of moving in, out and around Sydney by changing travel behaviour.

“Sydney is going through a period of major change as we build transport infrastructure that will address the city’s growing population, and one of our main objectives during this time is to keep Sydney moving and reduce the number of cars in key precincts,” Ms Prendergast said.

“Taking public transport, walking and cycling has benefits for our customers and benefits for the transport system – it’s a win-win!

“With such a vast talent pool to draw on, we thought why not use the great minds and ideas in the technology and business sector – from programmers to business analysts to digital designers – to drive innovation and help keep the city moving.”

Applicants will be able to access travel data on the Transport for NSW Open Data Hub to promote the Travel Choices principles of ‘Remode, Retime, Reroute and Reduce’.

Finalists will be invited to pitch their ideas to a judging panel. Winners of the challenge will then go into an incubation program in preparation for endorsement by Transport for NSW to launch their product.

“The Travel Choices program is the first ever application of a travel behaviour change campaign of this size, scale and longevity and we want to ensure that it keeps growing, helping customers find sustainable ways of moving around Sydney and improving their everyday lives,” Ms Prendergast said.

“This is not only a great opportunity to help the people of Sydney but an amazing chance for up and coming innovators to get their name out there and be part of a ground breaking program.”

A briefing session for interested innovators will be held on 8 June. Applications for the Travel Choices Innovation Challenge close on 23 June.

For more information on Travel Choices and how to apply for the Innovation Challenge, visit

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