Prepare for Wynyard bus changes
11 October, 2016

Stands E & F at the Wynyard Interchange, with a bus waiting to depart

If you catch a bus from the city to the Northern Beaches, be aware that your departure stand may be about to change.

From Sunday 23 October, buses currently departing Wynyard from Stands E and F at Carrington Street will be relocated to Stand T at Clarence Street. Affected routes include the E68, 169, E69, E70 and E71 (City to Manly) services.

Stands C and D at Carrington Street will also be moved south by 10 metres and 30 metres respectively.

The changes will help reduce crowding and traffic congestion at the busy Wynyard Interchange.

Wayfinding signs will be installed at Stands E and F to help customers find their new stop, while customer assistance staff in pink shirts will be on hand during the changeover period to offer support.

You can plan your trip in advance using the Trip Planner, or by downloading one of our real-time transport apps.

The news coincides with the announcement that bus services in the Northern Beaches are set for a massive boost, with the introduction of more than 360 additional weekly trips for customers starting from 23 October.

The additional services will give customers a greater choice of buses to catch, particularly in busy peak and shoulder peak periods, meaning passenger loads will be spread more evenly.

It's your city. Know what changes are taking place.

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