Sea wall investigations to prepare for new ferry hub
07 January, 2016

Divers prepare to enter Sydney harbour

Dive teams are taking to the water this week for sea wall investigations ahead of major construction starting on Barangaroo Ferry Hub.

Preconstruction examinations of the sea wall are taking place alongside surveys of the construction site and construction access routes, ahead of site establishment which is due to begin in mid-January at Barangaroo South.

During site establishment, fencing, hoarding, and work sheds will be installed in and around the site compound, on a narrow strip of land along the waterfront promenade.

Foundation works will begin in the first half of 2016, with most of the work carried out from two barges moored 20 metres offshore. This work is expected to take approximately seven months, weather and maritime conditions permitting.

Pontoon arrival and fit out will take place mid to late 2016, when pre-built floating pontoons will arrive via barge and be assembled on site. 

Barangaroo Ferry Hub will serve Sydney’s newest commercial district, with two new wharves for customers travelling from the inner harbour and Sydney’s west. The ferry hub is due to open to customers in late 2016.

For more information visit our Barangaroo Ferry Hub page.

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