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During construction of major transport projects in Sydney, there will be changes to the road network. This includes progressive block closures along George Street to allow for light rail construction. Please plan your travel in advance and use our interactive maps to find the best routes.


Traffic arrangements in Sydney are changing. Construction of the CBD and South East Light Rail, new bus routes and other major transport projects are changing the way we move in and around the city.

Road capacity improvement work is improving access for taxis, buses and commercial vehicles, as well as those drivers who need to access the city.

There are changes to parking in the CBD, with the reallocation of on-street parking spaces to create more room for taxi ranks, loading zones and buses.

If you can, leave the car at home and use public transport. This will be the quickest and most convenient way to travel in and around the city.

Plan your travel in advance and retime your journey to avoid the busiest peak periods, where possible. It will save you valuable time.

Live Traffic shows incidents and closures in real time, so check before you travel. You can also plan your journey and avoid congestion with real-time road apps.



George Street blocks are being progressively closed to general traffic for light rail construction. Only drivers delivering to loading docks or making service calls, residents, car space owners and emergency vehicles will be given access. If you are not accessing those driveways you will not be permitted to enter closed sections of the street. Please follow the signs and directions from traffic controllers.



If you don’t need to stop in the city centre, please avoid the CBD. If possible, consider travelling outside of the peak periods, when roads are at their busiest.

George Street ceased to be a through route for north-south trips in the city when light rail major construction started in October 2015. Construction work is progressively restricting access along George Street with a pedestrian zone to be established between Bathurst and Hunter streets.

If you need to travel across the CBD the best routes are:

  • South / South East to and from North: Broadway, Eddy Avenue, Wentworth Avenue, College Street, Macquarie Street and the Cahill Expressway.
  • East to and from West: Cross City Tunnel.
  • North to and from South / South West:  Western Distributor and Harris Street.
  • West to and from North / East: Western Distributor.

These preferred driving routes are available on our interactive map.

travel choices

To prepare for changes to the transport and road network, visit our Travel Choices page.

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