14 February, 2018

courier delivering valentine's day flowers

February 14 is here again, a day where florists and couriers are put through their paces to ensure the lucky in love receive their flowers in time for a gush-worthy Instagram post. 

Valentine’s day is a huge day for couriers, in fact, our freight team estimates that there’s more than a thousand bouquets so far (it’s 10:35 at time of writing) moving through the courier hub on Goulburn Street making their way to loved up recipients. This is on top of about 35,000 freight, service and delivery trips made in the CBD each day.

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to put a little pressure on the courier hub – a trial we kicked off in January 2016.

Since the trial commenced, we’ve been using the Goulburn Street Parking Station space, provided by the City of Sydney, as a distribution and collection point on the fringe of the CBD for couriers and businesses.

Parcels are transferred from vans to couriers on foot and bicycles that then make deliveries to customers throughout the CBD.

The trial aims to make an impact by reducing the number of vehicle trips in the city, - ie those 35,000 freight, service and delivery trips which adds to the congestion task. 

Operators who have participated in the trial have been overly positive, telling us it has helped improve their service to customers.

And, on days like today, where the delivery of a bouquet of flowers can either make or break a relationship, we can trust that the courier hub is helping couriers deliver love across the city.

To find out more about freight and servicing in the Sydney CBD, visit our Freight and Servicing page.

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