Courier hub trial tackles CBD congestion
15 January, 2018

A CBD bike courier

An innovative trial of a CBD ‘courier hub’ has been tackling congestion and improving efficiency for delivery drivers in the centre of Sydney.

Since January 2016, Transport for NSW and the City of Sydney have been trialling the use of dedicated parking spaces, secure cages and lockers at the Goulburn Street Parking Station as a distribution and collection point on the fringe of the CBD for couriers and businesses.

The trial aims to make an impact by reducing the number of vehicle trips in the city, with approximately 35,000 freight, service and delivery trips made in the CBD each day.

“The courier hub is an innovative alternative to driving vans into the heart of the CBD, particularly given the unprecedented level of development and infrastructure underway to address Sydney’s growing population,” Transport for NSW Coordinator General Marg Prendergast said.

“We know from cities across the world there is tremendous pressure on managing kerbside space and people getting a park and we simply can’t just create more space as it would always be a case of taking it from one user to give to another.

“So far, we’ve had really positive feedback with operators telling us it has helped improve their service to customers.”

The courier hub trial is part of a suite of trials being developed by Transport for NSW to assist businesses as the CBD is transformed and to accommodate future growth.

At full capacity the hub could help ease congestion by saving 26,000 kilometres travelled by van in the CBD and reducing loading zone usage by around 4,600 hours per year.

Moving more deliveries to overnight is also a win-win for the CBD, helping reduce congestion during the city’s busiest times and providing cost savings and operational efficiencies for the many freight and servicing businesses that are the engine of the CBD.

Trials have shown travel time to reach the CBD during the night are reduced by up to 50 per cent, while travel time within the CBD is reduced by between 15 and 40 per cent.

Sample data indicates there has been a general increase in overnight deliveries in the CBD since 2014, rising from around 12 per cent to about 17 per cent in 2017.

To find out more about freight and servicing in the Sydney CBD, visit our Freight and Servicing page.

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