Design released for new WestConnex tunnels
04 June, 2015

artists impression of WestConnex tunnel

The new plans for the first underground construction stage of the WestConnex have been revealed, giving motorists the option of entering a tunnel at Homebush Bay which will remove thousands of cars and trucks from Parramatta Road.

The preferred design for the M4 East tunnels that will run under Parramatta Road were recently unveiled by the Australian and NSW Governments.

Motorists driving from Western Sydney will have the option to enter a tunnel east of Homebush Bay Drive emerging near the Bunnings Warehouse on Parramatta Road or on Wattle Street at Haberfield, removing thousands of cars and 3,000 trucks off congested Parramatta Road each day.

The design also includes entry and exit points for the twin tunnels at Concord Road, North Strathfield, allowing local traffic to access the motorway.

Widening of the M4 between Parramatta and Homebush is currently underway, with construction on the new M4 East expected to commence mid next year.

The preferred M4 East design is subject to planning approval with the project due for completion by 2019.

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