Devonshire Street strip a burst of living colour
17 September, 2018

A flourish of living colour has sprung up on Devonshire Street, between Chalmers and Elizabeth Streets with the strip transformed into a pedestrian boulevard.

Greenery planters, mobile seating and cheerful artworks have been installed in the area, creating an inviting space for visitors and residents to savour.

Among the highlights is ViaPhono, an elegant cygnet style gramophone horn that, with the help of a smartphone, transforms into a passive speaker by gently amplifying sound into the surrounding space.

Transport for NSW Coordinator General Marg Prendergast encouraged the community to wander around the space and enjoy it.

“This space here between Chalmers and Elizabeth Street has been created for the community to explore and use, whether it’s to take in some bright street art or to rest their feet while out shopping,” she said.

“We received some fantastic feedback when the area was transformed with greenery and artwork at the beginning of the year so we wanted to bring back the same feel again now that we’re heading into warmer weather.

“We’re excited to see people spreading out into the space again and bringing it to life, that’s what it’s here for.”

The installation has been created as part of the Surry Hills Festival and Spring into Surry Hills.

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