February light rail update
28 February, 2019

Zone 4 paving works

All 19 stops along the CBD and South East Light Rail route are now under construction, and you can watch their progress on a new interactive map on the Sydney Light Rail website.

Systems fit-out, energisation and testing and commissioning is also underway along the alignment. Overhead wires have now been installed in Randwick, Moore Park and Surry Hills, remember to look up and stay safe!

February in the CBD’s north has seen a focus on finishing works such as paving, kerb and guttering and smartpole and street furniture installation.

At the southern end of the CBD, the focus is on road reinstatement and guttering.

Finishing works are also underway in Surry Hills with kerb and guttering, paving and light poles the main focus. Work has also started on pocket parks and other landscaping.

The Moore Park substation was energised in February, which means trams can start night testing in this area soon.

Also in February, girders for the Moore Park pedestrian bridge were successfully installed using a 750-tonne crane to lift the two structures into position over Anzac Parade. Take a look at timelapse of the girders being lifted into place here.

Night time tram testing has expanded to Randwick, so residents and visitors to the area will see vehicles testing through week nights from after 9pm.

A range of traffic changes will be implemented during this time; take a look at the interactive map on the Sydney Light Rail website for more details.

It’s also an important time for Sydneysiders to start adjusting to how they need to safely interact with trams. Transport for NSW is implementing a safety campaign to educate road users - paying particular attention to the fact that vehicles are quiet, can travel at high speeds and take longer to stop than vehicles.

The ‘be aware, there’s a tram there’ safety campaign is now live in the south east and will be expanded when testing ramps up in other areas along the alignment in coming months, targeting busy pedestrian precincts such as George Street in the CBD.

Over the coming months as the testing program progresses, we will be sharing further information around sharing the network with trams.

Keep an eye on the Sydney Light Rail safety page for information and updates on safety advice during tram testing.

Night time tram testing has been underway in the south east since February 2018.

Vehicle testing is initially carried out at low speeds and at night, gradually increasing speeds as the vehicles are tested under a number of conditions, including load testing. Testing will then progress to day time testing before driver training and the full-line is tested prior to operations.

Visit the Sydney Light Rail website for more information on the project.

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