Graceful artwork unwinding in Kensington
06 October, 2017

ArtMoves installation Unwind on Duke St, Kensington

As a young design student studying at NIDA, Adrienn Lord regularly strolled through the streets of Kensington.

In the 15 years since, his work as a production designer has graced international stages, art festivals and live events.

But when the opportunity to make a mark on his former stomping ground arose, he jumped at the chance to inspire the next generation of young designers.

As part of new public art installation ArtMoves, Adrienn is challenging perceptions of shape and form with his aptly titled work Unwind, a bold unravelling helix that has transformed an otherwise ordinary space on Duke Street.

“Everything about it is meant to break the norms of what you see in standard shapes around us,” he said.

“I just wanted to inject some life into the space and create some excitement and something that pops.

“So far the reactions have been that it looks like a roller coaster or a something that should go in a skate park, so it has that sense of movement and life and energy to it that you don’t get in something that’s purely a practical object.”

While Adrienn regards his piece first and foremost as a public sculpture, he is eager for the community to engage with Unwind however they choose.

“My experience in events is that you really have no control over what the public are or aren’t going to do, so if it’s going to be in a public space you may as well embrace and work with that unknown,” he said.

“People can absolutely go sit on it, lie on it and slide on it - it’s there to be used as anything else.”

Unwind’s deceptively simple design belies the enormous amount of planning and construction work behind the scenes to ensure the piece can withstand both the elements and enthusiastic admirers.

“That’s one of the tricks, when you make the complicated appear simple then I think you’ve done well,” he said.

“A lot of artworks do have a similar complexity of different skills in the background, but I think one of our duties as artists is to hide all of that so the audience just sees the end results and just sees the fun part and not necessary all the hard work.”

For the past 10 years Adrienn has worked with Leichhardt-based production and lighting design company Mandylights, known for their breathtaking large-scale live events and light artworks, including Vivid’s popular “Cathedral of Light”.

Although this is Adrienn’s first public sculpture, creating Unwind has not been dissimilar to the many design-oriented pieces he has created for the stage. While his theatre pieces are designed to be observed by the audience, Unwind invites the audience to experience the sculpture from within.

Adrienn hopes the community will get a sense of fun from the work and enjoy engaging with the piece as much as he enjoyed creating it.

“I know that I love it and I think that’s all we can really go by when creating is what we truly love, and hope other people have a similar aesthetic and similar passion,” he said.

“Some people I think will be quite excited and want to move on it and experiment with how the angles work or don’t work. I equally want to see someone sit and read a book on it or eat their lunch or be really quite nonchalant and accepting of it despite being quite unordinary.”

Unwind is the fourth of seven artworks to be installed at five sites along Anzac Parade in Kingsford and Kensington over the coming months.

ArtMoves is a new public art project designed to transform the streets of Kingsford and Kensington with sculptures, street art, outdoor furniture and landscape designs, creating fresh spaces for the community to enjoy.

The art will transform the streets by encouraging locals and visitors to explore the area and use these spaces in new ways.

For more information visit our ArtMoves page at

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