Kingsford community spirit in full flight
23 October, 2017

An artwork paying tribute to Kingsford's unsung heroes

To many Kingsford residents, the faces that have emerged on the walls above Southern Cross Close will already be familiar.

They may be friends, neighbours or family members, but these seven community members are also some of the Randwick area’s unsung heroes.

Kingsford – Flying on Community Spirit is a moving large scale photographic installation created as part of new public art project ArtMoves.

Created by Ondru, a Melbourne-based not-for-profit humanitarian organisation, the new mural reflects the spirit and diversity of Kingsford by featuring portraits of community members who contribute with respect, passion and integrity to its essence.

Not all have public profiles, but each is a modern day hero with a passion for making a difference to their community.

Ondru CEO and artistic director Desh Balasubramaniam said the seven participants were chosen through a series of consultations with local organisations in the Randwick LGA.

Each recommended individuals they considered to be unsung community heroes, with Ondru interviewing the nominees and choosing seven to be photographed.

“We have a sense of philosophy with our artwork and a sense of manifesto around how we tell those stories and what medium we choose, so it was really important for us to present the community in an appropriate way, for us that was really the essence of our project,” he said.

“That’s why we looked at people of different ages, different genders, from different backgrounds.”

Each of the participants were embedded in the process from beginning to end, which Desh said was key to ensuring they were actively involved in shaping their own narrative.

“This was about seven individuals who have made the wider Kingsford community a better place to be part of, so in that sense we wanted them to be completely part of the process and their voice to be really translating and expressing throughout the process,” he said.

“We also spent time with each of the participants, really getting to know them first and then taking a snippet of their story and their visual expression through the photos.”

The result is both a visually and emotionally impactful collection of stories that may have otherwise gone untold.

Each is worthy of recognition for their contribution to the colour and fabric of life in Kingsford.

  • Rigzin Yuthok - Case worker for Sydney Multicultural Community Services.
  • Haya Saboor  - UNSW student and Editor of UNSWeetened student journal at ARC
  • Henry Morris - Fomer President of Sydney Junior’s and Eastern Sydney Men’s League
  • Lucy Porter - Former performer and ongoing member of the Older Women’s Network (OWN)
  • Qi Lian “LIN” Chen - Owner of 88 Asian Food on Anzac Parade
  • Calita Murray - Aboriginal Education Officer at Matraville Soldier’s Settlement Public School
  • Dean Kelly - Botany Bay National Park Ranger and Youth Mentor

Kingsford – Flying on Community Spirit is the fifth of seven artworks to be installed at five sites along Anzac Parade in Kingsford and Kensington over the coming months.

ArtMoves is a new public art project designed to transform the streets of Kingsford and Kensington with sculptures, street art, outdoor furniture and landscape designs, creating fresh spaces for the community to enjoy.

The art will transform the streets by encouraging locals and visitors to explore the area and use these spaces in new ways.

For more information visit our ArtMoves page.

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