Light rail testing gearing up
08 November, 2019

CBD & South East Light Rail tram testing is gearing up in the CBD and trams will soon start running more frequently through the city to simulate the timetable when passenger services begin in December.

It’s an important time for people moving in and around the alignment to look up and be aware of their surroundings – Heads Up! Play it safe around light rail.

Finishing works such as localised paving, tree pit protections and planting are moving ahead across the CBD while work at the pedestrian crossing on Eddy Avenue is now complete.

It’s an exciting time for Surry Hills with the end of finishing works approaching and tram testing now in full swing.

Asphalting works at the corner of Randle and Elizabeth Streets have now wrapped up, while road paving is almost finished on Chalmers Street. The pocket parks on Buckingham Street and Holt Street are now getting their final touches.

Trams are now running day and night along the entire CBD and South East Light Rail route with testing now underway on the Kensington and Kingsford line.

Passenger services are just a few weeks away, so it’s a good time for all road users to brush up on tips for staying safe around light rail. Visit the CBD and South East Light Rail safety page for the latest advice and information flyers.

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