Museum Station upgrade construction begins
27 May, 2015

artists impression of new concourse with Opal gates

Museum Station, one of the country’s first underground train stations, is being upgraded to improve accessibility for commuters.

As the only City Circle station without lift access, the upgrade will include the construction of two new lifts connecting the station concourse with the platforms, and a separate lift between the entrance on the corner of Elizabeth and Liverpool streets and the concourse.

In addition, a new family accessible toilet, a refurbishment to the existing toilets and a new ramp at the station’s entrance will also be delivered in the upgrade.
The Museum Station makeover is part of the NSW Government’s $770 million Transport Access Program to provide commuters with modern, safe and accessible public transport.

During construction there will be minor changes around the site to traffic, on-street parking and pedestrian access.

Customers, local residents and businesses will be notified before the changes, and signage will be installed to ensure people can easily find their way. Businesses in the area have been consulted on how potential construction impacts will be managed and communicated.

The Museum Station upgrade will be completed next year. Access to the station will continue during construction.

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