Pitt Street Station taking shape
18 February, 2019

Pitt Street North Roadheader at work

Deep under the heart of the CBD, Sydney Metro’s new Pitt Street Station is quickly taking shape with three roadheader tunnelling machines excavating around the clock.

More than 116,400 tonnes of crushed rock has been excavated to form the station caverns 20 metres underneath Pitt and Castlereagh streets, where the future platforms will be located.

The Pitt Street Station caverns will be about 240 metres in length and 11.5 metres wide when finished.

Roadheaders are tunnelling machines that have a boom at the front which can carve out different geometrical shapes underground - unlike tunnel boring machines, which can only build round tunnels.

Altogether there are 10 roadheaders busy creating the new underground structures for Sydney Metro City & Southwest, including the three at Pitt Street.

All crushed rock excavated during Sydney Metro construction will be reused.

For more project news visit the Sydney Metro website.

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