30 July, 2021

From Monday 2 August, most public transport timetables within Greater Sydney will return to operating on a weekday schedule, with some minor adjustments during the peak hours.

The timetable is being adjusted to accommodate the stricter lockdown conditions across affected Local Government Areas (LGAs).

Chief Operations Officer Howard Collins said Transport for NSW is working with operators to increase services where needed to support essential construction workers.

“We are putting on more services around the traditional “tradie peaks” to support the return to construction,” Mr Collins said.

Customers using the network for essential trips need to understand their usual trip will look different. Remember, everyone in Greater Sydney must stay at home unless it is for an essential reason.

“Patronage on the network is now 90 per cent lower than pre-pandemic levels and we are continuing to monitor the network and making changes to the timetable as necessary.

“Please use your private vehicle if you can and for those essential workers needing to use the network, please plan ahead as there will be changes to your usual trip. As always, wear a mask and find a green dot to stay COVID safe.

“We thank the community for working with us during this challenging time and need everyone to follow health advice and stay home, and only use the public transport network for essential trips.”

From Monday 2 August, changes to the public transport timetable include:

     Sydney Trains 

  • Weekday timetable for suburban passenger services with additional early morning services and reduction of high peak services.

     NSW TrainLink

  • Weekday timetable for Intercity passenger services with reduced frequency in the peak.
  • Weekday timetable for Regional, Hunter, Bathurst, Southern Highland Services. Services to Grafton have been cancelled.


  • Services every 10 minutes in the peak and every 20 minutes in the off peak.

      Light Rail 

  • L1 Inner West line is running to a weekday timetable.
  • L2 and L3 CSELR lines are running to a Sunday timetable with additional shuttle services on L2 during peak periods (6-9am and 2.30-5.00pm).


  • Services will operate hourly.

       Sydney Buses

  • Most services will be operating to a Monday to Friday school holiday timetable.
  • Dedicated school services will continue to operate as required

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