23 November, 2018

Transport for NSW has unveiled Sydney City Centre Access 2018, a detailed status report of changes and initiatives made in the Sydney CBD.

It reveals recent data showing that since 2015 there has been an 11.4 per cent increase in public transport use and a 12 per cent reduction in vehicles coming into the city in the morning peak (6am to 10am).

Patronage has increased across all modes, amounting to an extra 4.3 million public transport trips into the city centre, just smaller than the population of Melbourne.

With the help of the Travel Choices program, now in its third year, an average of 7000 to 8000 fewer vehicles are heading into the CBD each weekday morning.

In response to Sydney’s evolving CBD, Transport for NSW had been working hard to influence customer travel behaviour and keep people moving around the city, Coordinator General Marg Prendergast said.

“Our city is growing and changing and the way the transport network performs is also changing. There are more people in the city than ever – either working, visiting or living - and Opal data is showing us that more people than ever are choosing public transport over driving,” she said.

“We’ve made it even easier to travel to the Sydney CBD by public transport, in November last year we added around 1,500 new weekly train services, almost 7,000 new weekly bus services and 140 new weekly ferry services – the biggest single increase in Sydney’s history.

“Since 2015, we’ve seen a 12 per cent reduction in private vehicle numbers in the morning peak and an 11.4 per cent increase in patronage across modes of public transport. On the weekends, we have an even greater result with total trips on all modes of public transport into the CBD increasing by 20 per cent. This is a terrific outcome - it tells us that our public transport network is working for thousands of customers who depend on it every day.”

Transport for NSW has achieved a number of project milestones in the last five years, delivering improved public transport infrastructure, boosting services and opening up more travel options for customers in how and when they move in, out and around the Sydney city centre.

“At the heart of planning for tomorrow’s Sydney is the customer experience – our aim is to create seamless, interactive and positive travel experiences to keep people moving safely and efficiently through the city, no matter what disruption is happening,” Ms Prendergast said.

“To address disruption in the Sydney CBD, we have worked with businesses and employees through our Travel Choices campaign to inspire people to change their travel behaviours and utilise public transport as alternatives to driving in peak periods.

“Encouraging drivers to shift to off peak periods or leave cars at home and opt for public transport, has alleviated congestion in the Sydney City Centre and freed up space for public transport, pedestrians and cyclists.

“There is still work to do. We are continuously working towards providing a more integrated network, with better interchanging facilities, stronger point to point services and more transport options for our customers to help them move in, out and around Sydney. This involves balancing the needs and managing the movement of goods and services with the movement of people through the city centre.”

Since 2015, Travel Choices has targeted more than 660 organisations in the city centre and reached more than 176,000 customers, helping them to re-time and reduce journeys outside of peak, work flexibly and use public or active transport (walking or cycling) to avoid congestion and minimise the impacts of disruption.

For more information on Travel Choices and how you or your organisation can get involved visit the Travel Choices page.

Sydney City Centre Access 2018 is an update to the Sydney City Centre Access Strategy released in 2013 and outlines the transport network changes which have occurred in the past five years.

This update will ensure that the Sydney city centre transport network continues to respond to the unprecedented amount of transport infrastructure and property development within the Sydney city centre and to changing customer needs.

Visit the Sydney City Centre Access 2018 website for key data and insights from the plan.

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