Tram testing reaches iconic Sydney Harbour
02 August, 2019

Sydney’s iconic Circular Quay precinct welcomed a new frequent visitor on 30 July with the first CBD and South East Light Rail tram travelling to the tourism gateway as part of vehicle testing.

Setting off from the Randwick Stabling Yard overnight, the new tram passed Central Station and travelled the length of George Street and beyond Town Hall for the first time before parking at the Circular Quay stop.

In a historic light rail moment, it was the first time the wire-free ‘third rail’ that runs from Town Hall to Circular Quay has been tested.

The appearance created a buzz amongst passing locals and tourists with many stopping to grab a quick pic of the new tram.

By the end of the year this exciting project will be open and people will be able to jump on the light rail as part of their daily commute or sightseeing trip.

Sydneysiders will now see trams on George Street from Town Hall to Circular Quay at night, before daytime testing begins in the CBD shortly.

In December, trams will join ferries, trains and buses in connecting millions of people to Sydney Harbour icons, including the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The milestone is a good reminder for people to keep their heads up and be aware around the new light rail corridor as tram testing continues.

Transport for NSW launched the “Heads Up, Play it Safe around Light Rail” safety campaign in July with former and current rugby league legends.

Take a look at the campaign and safety tips on the light rail Safety page.

Mobile phone distraction and people crossing in front of trams are particular dangers. Trams are quiet and also take longer to stop than average vehicles, so it’s important to be aware and keep an eye out for trams being tested along the light rail alignment.

Motorists should never turn in front of a tram or queue at intersections.

Cyclists are reminded to not ride along the tracks and to cross at an angle, or dismount and walk across the tracks.

For pedestrians, look both ways before you step out and use designated crossings, particularly in the pedestrian area. Keep your head up from your mobile phone when walking near or crossing the tram corridor.

The safety campaign will continue to be rolled out as tram day testing expands to Circular Quay in the coming weeks.

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