Travel Choices champions celebrated
04 October, 2017

Tim Reardon and Marg Prendergast with the Travel Choices Awards winners

Transport for NSW last week hosted the 2017 Travel Choices Awards to recognise organisations and individuals helping to change our city’s travel behaviours.

With Sydney in the midst of unprecedented change, Travel Choices aims to encourage commuters to adjust the way they travel to, from and around the city to help them prepare and adapt to changes to the city’s transport and road network.

Secretary Tim Reardon announced the winners at Friday’s award ceremony, congratulating all nominees for their innovative ideas and commitment to the program.

“Travel Choices is very important to us and I hope all winners and nominees feel proud of their achievements and contribution to creating travel change in the CBD,” he said.

“It was really cool to be able to present at the Travel Choices Awards. I was particularly excited to hear about some of the innovative practices organisations are implementing to encourage smarter travel behaviours.”

Coordinator General Marg Prendergast praised the efforts and enthusiasm of all involved in Travel Choices, which has helped reduce the number of inbound vehicles into the CBD during morning peak by 11 per cent while public transport use has increased by 9.4 per cent since 2015.

“We had a fantastic morning celebrating some incredible individuals and organisations for their exceptional effort in changing our city’s travel behaviours as we work together to build Tomorrow’s Sydney,” she said.

“I thank the Sydney business community who have embraced and committed to rethinking their travel options. “  

The link between workplace health and productivity was also on the agenda at Friday’s event with Professor Chris Rissel, Director of the NSW Office of Preventive Health speaking about the benefits of adding active travel to our daily commutes.

“We spend a third of adult life at work, so the workplace is a key avenue for improving health and businesses also stand to benefit from a healthier workforce,” he said.

“Supporting workers’ health with a holistic workplace health program can increase staff morale, increase productivity, reduce turnover and improve corporate image.” he said.

He encouraged employers to check out the NSW Government’s “Get Healthy at Work” program, a free resource to help businesses develop simple, effective and sustainable workplace health programs.

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Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 Travel Choices Awards:

  • Travel Choices Rising Star: Metlife
  • Travel Choices Initiative of the Year: Walk to UTS Day, UTS
  • Travel Choices Champion of the Year: Haidi Egan (City of Sydney)

Highly commended: Denise Grant-Foster (EY) and Keith Fung (UTS)

  • Travel Choices Organisation of the Year: EY

Highly commended: Expedia

Travel Choices is a free resource to help individuals and organisations adapt to the changes to the transport system as we build Tomorrow’s Sydney. The Travel Choices team provides support to those making the shift to more sustainable ways of travelling the form of tailored information and tools.

To find out more about Travel Choices go to our Travel Choices page

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