Travel Choices boosts public transport to record levels
30 August, 2017

Transport for NSW today released new data showing that since 2015 there has been an 11 per cent reduction in the number of inbound vehicles and a 9.4 per cent increase in public transport use for trips into the CBD during the morning peak period

This increase in public transport use equates to over 3 million additional individual trips into the CBD by public transport, roughly the population of Madrid.

The reduction in vehicles and increase in public transport trips comes as Travel Choices celebrates its two year anniversary which has connected with more than 650 organisations and over 170 000 commuters.

“This round of data has shown that while we are seeing public transport increases across the whole morning period the biggest growth we have seen is outside the 8 to 9am peak one hour,” Coordinator General Marg Prendergast said.

“To see such positive numbers in vehicle reduction during the peak and growth in public transport use shows just how much of a success the program, traffic management plans and media campaigns have been and we’re keen to make sure it rolls out across Sydney.

“We’re also really glad we’ve had such a positive response from so many world class organisations here in Sydney who have encouraged their employees to utilise the Travel Choices principles of Retime, Remode, Reroute, and Reduce trips.”

Travel Choices is the first ever application of a travel behaviour change program of this size, scale and longevity, using lessons learnt from the Sydney and London Olympics.

The program demonstrates the important role behaviour change approaches can play to support customers. It helps to ease the pressure on our roads while supporting customers to make travel choices that are right for them, both during periods of disruption and for long-term, sustainable travel behaviour change.

“We’re proud to say we are the first organisation in the world implementing such an extensive travel behaviour change program and the figures clearly show that we are moving in the right direction to get people out of their cars and walking, cycling or taking public transport,” Ms Prendergast said.

 “We have found that by highlighting the benefits of alternative travel options organisations and customers we are working with are increasingly embracing flexible working and health and wellbeing programs. This leads to healthier and more productive organisations, as well as better transport network outcomes.

“We are going to keep this program running and plan to expand it to other centres around Sydney to make sure we keep our great city moving and getting closer to the goal of a more liveable, sustainable Sydney.”

For more information on Travel Choices and how you or your organisation can get involved visit our Travel Choices page.


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