VIDEO: Never before seen view of city as Sydney Metro digs deeper
20 July, 2020

Never before seen view of Sydney Tower from Sydney Metro tunnel

Sydney Metro construction work deep under the city has revealed a view of Sydney never seen before.

Workers have finished digging a 19 metre long escalator tunnel to create one of the entrances to the new Martin Place metro station.

Take a look at some of the impressive work.

The milestone has exposed a never-before-seen view of Sydney Tower and the MLC Centre – from 19 metres deep under Martin Place.

It took about seven weeks to excavate the tunnel, which will house four escalators as customers travel to the new underground metro station.

The tunnel was built under the historic 50 Martin Place building, navigating the basement of the heritage-listed structure.

More than 2,000 tonnes of crushed rock was removed and 700 tonnes of shotcrete used to line the tunnel.

The tunnel will now be waterproofed and lined with concrete.

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