A connected cycleway network allows bike riders to travel north-south through the length of the CBD separated from other road users. New cycleway links ensure a continuous cycle route via Castlereagh Street south, Liverpool and Kent streets.


We have connected the cycleway network by:

  • Building a two-way cycleway on Castlereagh Street, between Hay and Liverpool streets, which opened in 2015.
  • Building the Liverpool Street cycleway, between Castlereagh and Sussex streets, which opened in 2015.

Light rail tracks and cyclist safety

The first light rail track has now been cemented into the ground on Anzac Parade, Kensington, making it the first section of rail on the CBD and South East Light Rail project that you can drive or ride over.

If cyclists wish to ride on Anzac Parade we recommend riding alongside the tracks in the kerbside lane. To ride safely over tracks, approach at a right angle to avoid the risk of  wheels getting trapped.

If the crossing is too difficult to ride over, remember to dismount and walk your bicycle.

Detour signage highlighting alternative routes has also been installed in the area.